Friday, November 12, 2010



I know i have been on hiatus for so freaking LONG! There's definitely so many things that happen after my last post which was in like, May? Smelly boy went Tekong on Tuesday. His parents and i sent him in. There was no tears and no hugs just a simple goodbye..Quite an experience in Tekong as there was a tour..And me being nice. i had a day off and took him out to have some fun before he leave to suffer in camp.. i brought him to Sentosa to pay luge as he havent done that before.

Did my friend a favour by being her model for her Make up school ( Hanna). Seriously, it was my first time doing that and it all went fine :)

Raffles Annual D&D was themed Masquerade.

Was very high that day!

Went NANA and have some fun drinking :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ok since it's a Saturday night i shall just blog a quick one and go to bed. It's late already and my daily routine is work and sleep. So sick of it man..Had a annual staff meeting at Suntec today talking about our promotions and stuff.

Anyway, jannie and i did a lash extension last thursday! End result= nice!! And the woman was doing it so meticulously for us. Had it done at bugis level 2.

I took the shorter extensions..

Another 2 more week to my piano results!!! I'm so freaking nervous for that~~~

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My 21st bday!!

After a month of stressing and planning for my bday, it's finally over!! I'm officially 21!! I'm happy actually bcos it means it's coming to adulthood and then to family-hood :)

Anyway, that day went pretty well, and i hope everyone had lotsa fun. Ric actually get to sleep over! Hehe, like never before! Thanks to him, i actually had a fruitful 21 bday bash! <3

My guestbook! Made solely by us!!!

My bday cake! <3>

Thanks guys for the presents!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things just not right for me now.
Dealing with difficult people but luckily i have my frens and wonderful colleagues to back me up :)
The right person is just not there...
Tiring day today..
i need to rest..

Sunday, April 25, 2010


It's long since i posted. Well, everyday have been sleeping early and waking up early. Officially working at Raffles Hospital with Jannie with me and Van at A&E! At least we are still tgt!! But seeing Jannie everyday! haha..I can't wait to get my first Nursing pay!!! Loving my office hours but not the pushing and shoving in train rides.

Been preparing my birthday preps and all..It's another 2 weeks away!! Actually, not really excited because of all the planning, makes me headache! I wish i had a planner and all i do is to attend and have fun! And plus, the slumber party's still pending..on which place..

Ric's army enlistment still not ready, so i guess he should be getting in rather late! Was thinking of a holiday trip before he goes in! * ME WANTS THAILAND!* :(

Anyway here are the pictures for April!

found one funny picture!I miss our gatheringsss!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Typical Saturday

It's time to have some home cooked food for dinner.Always spending money outside. So just 10 bucks and u can get to eat all this. Spend some time at Ntuc, choosing prawns and vegetables all. Lucky Ric helped me in cooking if not, he'll be like those typical egoistic guy, waiting for the girl to serve him! Lol..thanks hun :)

* we both sweat like shit while trying to cook! Lol

Gotten my official results..Gotta go SNB to register and meanwhile, im waiting for TTSH to call me back..

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Swell up head!

Haven't been updating as usual...Been and back from Genting..Lots of fun pictures but i'm so lazy to load them..All up on Fb if you wanna check it out. Anway, recently have been thinking of how to plan for my bday celebration. I've made up my mind and i guess just go ahead with it. I need ideas for theme..But before that, it's my March bday darlings first!

Got an interview tmr at 2pm! Wish me luck~